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BAF Clause


Fuel price fluctuations

By implementing a BAF clause, CLdN has developed a transparent system that reflects the fluctuations in fuel prices. The BAF clause is revised every month.

The applicable MGO price for May 2022 is: EUR 1002.00 (Average MGO Rotterdam 16.03.2022-15.04.2022)

Other currencies: 

  • ROE EUR/USD: 1,098 (average)
  • ROE EUR/GBP: 0,8371 (average)
  • ROE EUR/SEK: 10,353 (average)

Please consult the documents below to find out which BAF level applies to each individual sailing route:

Previous months

Applicable MGO price for (based on average MGO Rotterdam) 


April 2022 (16.02.2022-15.03.2022)856.25
March 2022 (16.01.2022-15.02.2022)692.78
February 2022 (16.12.2021-15.01.2022)589.82